Meet the Band

Off the Grid’s music awakens and reshapes the spirit of 70s, 80s, and 90s popular song craft with its own signature, contemporary collection of original repertoire.

While Scott Cameron trained as a classical guitarist, Tara Cameron and Sierra Davidson spent their formative years as singer-songwriters.   


This eclectic union brings together a fascinating mix of acoustic roots, blues, bluegrass, nuevo-flamenco and classical influences in a refreshing and often surprising way.

The unlikely pairing of Tara’s shimmering 12-string with the classical guitar’s softer tones makes a bewitching backdrop for the female vocals.  


Likewise, an eccentric union brings together two radically different voices in Tara and Sierra. Their soulful harmonies can raise goose bumps as warm, deep, Middle Earth meets cool, dry, soaring High Sierra.


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