Scott Cameron


As a child, Scott studied piano with his mother, a gifted musician in her own right.  This ended abruptly when he took a hammer to the keys of her Heinztman baby grand.  Switching to French horn in high school, he felt he still hadn’t found the right means of musical expression.  Then came the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, and Scott found himself resonating to the strings of the guitar, an instrument blessed with what the horn lacked: coolness. Switching to nylon strings, Scott studied classical guitar for many years and went on to a career teaching and performing.  After meeting (and marrying) Tara, he changed his direction to more contemporary musical things and before long found himself as the guitarist in Off the Grid.

Tara Cameron


Tara made her first record when she was 10 years old, appearing on her public school’s music night album singing and playing guitar on a song she wrote about her cat. Thus began a long career performing her original tunes as both a soloist and lead singer in various bands in and around Southern Ontario – including a stint at Toronto’s fabled El Macombo. Meeting and falling head over heels for Scott, she changed direction and formed CameronStrings, a duo with jazzy/classical leanings that allowed them to express their musical souls whilst raising two children and also a few more cats. After meeting Sierra, CameronStrings morphed into Off the Grid, a band whose melodies, harmonies, rhythms and lyrics converge on the essence of being human.

Sierra Davidson


Sierra started musical life singing, dancing and drumming on logs round the family campfire until they had to tell her to stop.  One could say she loved performing. As a 4th generation fiddler, it was only natural for her to start fiddling around in the Cape Breton style for the Perth Celtic Heritage Fiddle Orchestra. It wasn’t long before she began writing and performing her own songs, all the while picking up a few chords and developing a knack for guitar playing. With her log drumming background, Sierra was a natural percussionist, and eventually found her way to Off the Grid with her trusty cajon, maracas, bells and rings (she uses these to produce different timbres).